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I am a photographer, father, husband, and a funeral director.  It’s that last one that always catches people off guard. 

In 2018 I was witness to a tragic and terrible accident – an event which rocked my world and forever changed my life.  In the aftermath of that tragedy, I realized I needed to step out of the darkness of that day, to find the light; to express myself creatively and do something which would allow me to experience all the positive things our world has in it; to be a part of the happiness life offers; and to be around joy.  Photography has provided that outlet for me. 

​My camera allows me to see the light I was seeking and capture those real-life moments which bring us happiness and joy.

​Through photography I am able to see the love between two people as they prepare to be married; the promise of tomorrow through a high school senior’s eyes; the future through a family gathered together; and all the good life has to offer.

​I absolutely love being able to assist brides, high school seniors and families in creating the most beautiful images possible.  I take great pride in my work and put my heart and soul into each and every image. 

​Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit my site.  I am excited that we may have the chance to work together.

-Bill Simpson

Wedding & Engagement 

“I trust Bill's vision completely!  He has a unique eye that allows for his clients to shine!  He is a top notch professional who goes above and beyond for great shots."

- Libby Rice


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