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You were put on this planet to do big things. You want freedom, financial abundance and let's be real, you want to make an impact on the world. It hasn't been easy trying to figure out the right steps to take to build this dream business of yours. Am I right? One of the most frustrating things along this journey can be making more money without having to take on a million more clients.


There are only so many hours in a day one can work before you collapse. There's so many options out there, from continued education, marketing strategies, and of course your high-ticket Business Coaches opinions, you might end up just wanting to say fuck it and light your computer on fire.  

Worry no longer, I've set out on a mission to match unparalleled course creation with soulful strategy at an affordable cost so that you can have what it takes to grow your beauty biz into an online magnetic, soul-aligned powerhouse of a brand that you've always wanted. I believe in you and your gifts, it's time to start sharing them with the world!

Why A Course


~Even if you are not tech-savvy, or video gives you the quivers, but you continually find yourself daydreaming about making money while physically not being at work.


~You’ve got a desire to make money outside of the salon or spa.

~You’ve played the 1:1 game of countless hours in the salon with clients and you’re ready to share your gifts with the world, and make money while you sleep!

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, then you’re ready for your next step: a digital online course.


But what you’re not ready for? Is having to spend hours feeling confused or overwhelmed when it comes to learning how to create, launch, and market it online in a smart, time-efficient, and streamlined way.

I know creating your first course can be overwhelming,  my expertise is helping you identify how you can discover your online potential, design a profitable digital course, and begin to create the beauty biz of your dreams.

If you are not already doing this, it’s time to get on a quick call with me and brainstorm if or how I can help.

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Scale your business and generate a six figure passive income by sharing your crafts, gifts and talents with the world through digital course creations.


Hey, babes!


Teresa Young here—your marketing strategist, digital course creator, and technology founder. A little more about me, I am a hairstylist of 24 years, a mom of 3, and I’m pretty tech savvy at this point. “ I must say”!  


My desire to grow my business by using online technology came to me when I was years into my career and my health was being compromised after long work days in the salon. I had reached a point where I knew that my job was literally shaving years off my life. Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, and chemical induced asthma began to control my everyday life in and out of the salon.


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